Watch2Gether as a D&D playlist

I’ve been using Watch2gether for almost a year now as a really comprehensive way to gather my music for running dungeons and dragons as a DM. It makes choosing music behind the screen so much simpler.
I have playlists categorised by things like “Port Town Music” “Desert Music” “Exploration Music” “Castle Music” “Emotional Boss Battle Music” etc.

The only real problem with this, is the lack of control when it comes to playlists. Honestly? Other than that this website is near perfect for it, other than the occasional bug or glitch which is usually passable.

I just want a big big upvote for the ability to rename and reorganise playlists. I’ve wanted to recommend this website to other DMs, but seeing how unorganised my playlists are every time I add more but can’t organise it alphabetically or… anything, really. It makes me stop, because it’s a major inconvenience when running.

I’ve seen posts about this problem from over a year ago, and I’m wondering what the likely time-frame is for adding this feature. I think, overall, it’s going to make a huge difference to this website’s viability in this area: which is good, because there’s nothing quite like it yet! And I’d like to see Watch2gether come first.


Thanks a lot for your feedback! You are right, the promised overhaul of the playlist system has not yet been delivered. There were some other more urgent issues on the table last year. But i’m aware that many people are waiting for this and it will come for sure. What would be your top 3 features you would like to add to the playlists?

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Can’t agree more with Cammie. Is there a current thread or better post I should be following to track this issue?
After a year of stockpiling music from all sorts of other DMs & content creators, my collection on Watch2Gether is messy and difficult to navigate in the moment of a D&D session. While I don’t have a top 3 as you asked for, Florian, I’d just love to see an ability to organize playlists so I could line up my top 5+ playlists for the week’s upcoming session. Aside from that and occasional buffering issues (my friends don’t have great WiFi in their homes), I’m so glad to have been referred to this site!