Watch2Gether and TogetherTube

Me and my friend used Watch2Gether a lot a while ago but then we found TogetherTube and instantly switched to it. And there are several reasons for it.
What I like more about TogetherTube:

  • The design, it’s just so much nicer and cleaner
  • When searching for videos, it shows their total lenght (very useful)
  • Actual resolutions (1080p, 720p) instead of unclear descriptions (small, large, tiny, what the heck do they stand for?)
  • There is a button to skip to the next video in the playlist
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@flo350, @philipp Thanks a lot for your feedback as well, you can be sure that I read all of it! Design is also a question of taste but I take your input regarding functional differences serious and it will for sure influence the next steps of Watch2Gether!

Please keep TogetherTube’s layout, but add in a “dark mode.” Very much needed when enjoying to watch something together and not being blinded by bright colors!

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The best next steps for Watch2Gether is to just become TogetherTube. You are making a grave mistake shutting down TogetherTube.

It would be helpful to shorten the current URL to something like as a parallel alternative to

Hi Everyone, today i released a first version of a playlist voting system on Watch2Gether which is modeled similar to the one on TogetherTube. Feedback is very much appreciated!

I am currently developping a TT-like room as the TT Team doesn’t want to share their code. Project is almost finished. I will release the code on GitHub. Stay tuned ! :slight_smile:

FYI, it will run on Apache (PHP 5.3 or >) & JQuery (last version). SQL Database needed. The project will not be able to “create rooms” : it’s only 1 room including the possibility to inject another page for the chatroom (Discord, custom chatroom, other), so it’s for personnal use with friends. No chatroom will be implanted basically. If you want to evolve this project, you’ll have to do it yourself. I’ll post a link when it will be finished.

Update: I would like to inform you that (as mentioned in my initial post) will shutdown at the end of June.

Huge thumbs down for shutting down TogetherTube.
Was way better in nearly every aspect (except stability etc.) than Watch2Gether.

That would be nice if you release the source code for TogetherTube.

Awesome ivalysproduction, look forward to seeing it - i was thinking of doing the same.
Let us know if you need any testers :slight_smile:

really really big thumbs down. you did nothing we wanted and destroyed a nice and functional design with good features. The Watch2gether is so bad. Pls give us a better design voting feature etc.

This is actually not true. Voting has been implemented a month ago. You can switch a playlist into “voting mode” by clicking on the heart symbol under the playlist selector. Give it a try and let my know how it works!

Project is currently working great, but you need a Youtube API Key to get it running. It’s a personnal project, I need to improve the code and remove all personnal comments in the code before uploading it on Github. Stay tuned !

@ivalysproduction you can have private repositories on GitHub or, if you want a free option, on GitLab. This allows you to invite collaborators after checking them personally, if you are afraid of the public. Although I personally think nobody would or can actually do any harm if your repository is set to public, you‘d rather learn from more experienced developers if they want to collaborate.

can you please improve watch2gether for 21:9 screens. actually i have to scroll down to change the volume.

Thanks for your feedback. The issue should be fixed, please have a look!

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