Watch2Gether and TogetherTube

Thanks everyone for your feedback!

@smux I think you raised an important point regarding the voting. I have actually plans to introduce a voting system similar to the one of TogetherTube. Most likely there will be another mode for the playlist system which allows people to vote and which then sorts the playlist entries by vote count. Once a video finished playing the vote count is reset and the video falls back to the end of the list. Having said that, you might want to have a look into the moderation system that already exists. As a room owner you can limit access to various functions of a room such as “selecting a video”, “adding to a playlist” or the “room appearance”.

@bl00dshot131 Thanks for your detailed feedback and your drawing :slight_smile: The bar on the left is actually empty at the beginning but it fills up once you add things to a playlist or view the room history. If you don’t want to see it you can hide it by clicking on the arrow icon at the bottom.

Looking at the drawing it seems like you ask the me to port TogetherTube’s interface to Watch2Gether :wink: I’m afraid i can’t really adopt all of those changes but i really appreciate your feedback. Maybe you can try out Watch2Gether for a little longer and see if you can get used to the different UI placements. I’d be happy to hear back from you then!

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@kolarin I understand that ads are annoying sometimes and yes they do cause some system load as well. They are, however, required to pay for the ongoing development and operation. On Watch2Gether you have the option the get the Watch2Gether +PLUS subscription which removes all add banners on the site which are not located in the player. The first month is free so can check it out and see if it reduces the system load.

That would be nice… I heavily second this; watch2gether is not what we need. We can’t even access Netflix on there

Thanks for you input as well… You might want to have a look at this: How to use W2gSync

Just throwing this out there, if plus was a one time payment that cost a little bit more, I’d almost definitely buy it just to support the site upkeep, since both of the last two sync sites I’ve used have closed down. I say this not knowing how many people are already subscribing to plus, so it might not be worth changing lol

Would it be possible to choose between two UIs, one that is inspired by the Together Tube UI and the original W2G UI. That would make me happy and I think many other users too.

And I would prefere it if my name in this forum was the username that I chose.

I think the reason why i prefer togethertube over Watch2Gether is definitly the UI. Im not suggesting on changing everything about the UI but especially the bar on the left side seems a bit cluttered, why not make it collapsed as default and make an indicator so you know that you can pop out the playlist on there. I also dont like the suggestions of new videos on the bottom as they are seen when i dont have the video on fullscreen and the playlist not collapsed. So maybe put the suggestions a bit further down so that if you need them you have them there but doesnt distract you if you dont need them. Otherwise I really like the features on here and want to thank you for your fast responses to the community.

@sirjebusthefirst thanks for that feedback. There will most likely be some changes in the pricing soon. Not a one time payment but a discounted yearly payment option and maybe a little bit different offering in general.

@laurinperathoner0 thanks for your input as well. Maintaining two different layouts is unfortunately not an option since the overhead for this would be quite high and doing so would therefore slow down the overall development of the site.

@lichtelucas Thanks a lot for you ideas. Content discovery and organization is an important part of Watch2Gether. Hiding the search results and the playlist bar would therefore be not very helpful. But i do understand that some users don’t like the dark area on the left and i keep thinking about options to make this visually more appealing.

That’s what I mean. With togethertube you just put in the name of the room, no extra gubbins on the end

@thepenguin1998 Okay now i understand what you mean. Room names in Watch2Gether do not have to be unique, thats why the room key has to be added at the end in order to form a unique URL.

Make Watch2gether look like this, and you will answer everyones prayers.


@atennouji13 Nice Try :slight_smile: I’m not sure about “everyone’s prayers” though…

The one thing I want from Watch2gether at the moment is to be able to collapse the chat like we can collapse the playlist, so I can have a big view of the video without going fullscreen. If not that, being able to resize the chat section of the window.

I also liked what one person posted of having the user icons be in the chat bar, I think that makes more sense than having them take up space below the video.

Hey, i love TogetherTube. You can put videos in a queue instead of watching them instantly.
I would love to have a TogetherTube (simple design, queue) with playlists (watch2gether feature).

Hi! My friends and I use TogetherTube most of the time to listen to music while gaming. Everyone kicks in the music he wants to hear and then we let it run in the background. Then we use the voting system to adjust the order. I would love to be able to use a similar “workflow” on watch2gether in the future!

Thanks a lot everyone for you feedback! Be assured that I keep reading your comments and feedback. How would the perfect voting system look like for you?

How about just keeping TogetherTube running, under this domain somehow.

@atennouji13 Thanks for your feedback as well. Unfortunately it’s not so easy to just keep a web application running. One still needs to perform system maintenance and update the code to avoid security issues. Additionally: A service that never introduces new features or adapts to user demand will slowly lose users, which is not a very good perspective as well.

@florian I just can add the things everyone else said before. Best Solutions owuld be to have the same design like Togethertube or just keep the TogetherTube Domain online. When my friends started looking for something to listen to music together. Firstly we used watch2gether but because uf the “ugly” UI and the bad voting system we kept looking for something else and found TogetherTube and stayed there. Maybe you could try a Donation Button on TogetherTube and look how many people donate for letting the Domain online :smiley: ? Honestly me and my friends don’t rly need new featueres on Togethertube its just perfect as it is. Rly only thing missing may be to see what songs have been played and to save the playlist that just luxus. Maybe you will find a solution we users could have still have our beloved design. To the AD thing maybe you should talk to the TogetherTube Developer again because when we start Youtube Videos on TogetherTube there is no AD at the beginning or in the Video even though Adblocker is turned off…