Watch2Gether Alternatives

Does anyone use any Watch2Gether alternatives? How do they compare? What works better on Watch2Gether and what could be improved? Curious to know more…

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Hi make the opportunity to enter another room without leaving the page. just ability to switch the rooms

Hi! I used for a very long time back in the day (before it became KAST) and it was a great service. The main, and very important for me, feature was playing media files (movies from third-party services or YouTube videos) in a room with other users via server-side rendering. The media file for each user was in a different bitrate (selected by individual users). This helped to bypass a range of restrictions related to access to CDNs by different providers and content blocking.

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Thanks for your input! Yes I remember Server side rendering has advantages for sure… but it’s quite expensive to run for the platform operator and introduces some liability issues as well. What kind of improvement would you like to see for Watch2Gether besides server side rendering?

I noticed that there is a problem with bitrate selection for YouTube videos (they work for 5 seconds, and soon change the quality to a higher one) if the video is embedded on the site (player on the site side). There is no such problem, if the author of the video made a restriction to integrate the video, it will open as a movie in a separate tab - there the selected quality is applied to the native YouTube player. There is a possibility to make a video from YouTube immediately in the scenario with a ban on embedding (force to open as a movie for example).
This will solve the problem of watching YouTube videos with a user in a room with bad internet (there is such an experience rn).