W2gSync Auto-Closes the tab

Hi, I’m having a problem
the person I usually watch anime with using w2gSync
when we are viewing the chapter the tab always closes, we try changing the page, the player and removing the hardware acceleration, until we change the browser, but it is nothing like that.

We don’t know why that happens and it doesn’t happen to me

I hope there are more people with the same problem

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Do you mean it closes at the end of the video? Or even before you start warching?

at any time it usually happens in the middle, reaching the end, it’s not when it ends, it happens randomly

usually passes between 9 minutes and 17

Thanks, can you send me a link to a video where this is happening to florian@watch2gether.com

I would like to send you a video, but it is random and literal, only the tab that opens with w2gsync closes
It’s just that the issue itself is not mine, so I can’t submit the video either.

simplifying, we are watching anime, in the middle without touching anything the other person, automatically the tab closes without having touched anything

I do not know if it is a W2gSync error or the pc maybe