W2G won't work, keeps loading with a circle icon

W2G won’t work, keeps loading with a circle icon

Thanks for your big report. I can’t reproduce this right now. Do you still see this issue? Does the same happen when you create a new room?

Yes, it still happens with a new room. the only time now it works is it my internet is my personal phone hotspot. ???

Hey… so it works with your personal hotspot but not with the regular internet connection? Can you try to run Watch2Gether in an incognito window. Does that make a difference?

Nope, still doesnt work. Anything else I can do to debug Chome or know how to do that?

When you see that the room is not loading, can you please make a right click on the site and select “Inspect” In the dialog that opens up you should see a “Console” tab that contains debug and error messages. Can you take a screenshot of that dialog and email it to florian@watch2gether.com … Thanks!