W2G player glitching

The W2G player keeps glitching when I watch certain videos, and I tried resetting everything. I’m on Chrome with my Samsung Galaxy S10

Thanks for your feedback. Can you explain what you mean with “glitching”? And from which platform are the vidoes you have issues with?

I use youtube, and what I mean by glitching is that the videos keep having lines across that duplicate and has a green line on the left side

Thanks… i have never seen that issue before. Can you take a screenshot?

It won’t let me use the image tool

I have never seen this issue before. Looks more like an issue with that specific phone. Maybe browser or hardware related. How do the videos look on this site: https://listenonrepeat.com/

I’m sorry for the late response, but its the same there too

Okay, in that case i assume it’s an issue with yout phone. Did you try to use a different browser?

No, but it seems when I use “desktop mode” it fixes

Thanks for your feedback. So far i was not able to reproduce this issue but i will keep an eye on it!

This looks like a hardware accel issue to me. Google for how to disable hardware accel in chrome and try that? Might also be called “3D acceleration” or “hardware graphics” or “graphic accel” etc depend on what samsung has done.

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