W2G not working on Firefox

I can’t watch any Youtube videos at all on watch2gether on Firefox. Whenever I look in the console i see that youtube returns 403 forbidden, and I can’t watch any videos. It works fine on Chrome and Edge though.

Thanks for your feedback. Can you try to disable your browser extensions? Often these kind of issues are caused by misbehaving browser extensions. Most likely ad-blockers or VPN services.

I’ve tried that and it still doesn’t work. It works on Chrome and Edge with the same extensions installed and enabled.

I can assure you that it generally works with Firefox. Does it work when you open an incognito window in Firefox?

Yeah, it works fine on incognito. This is weird too, because I recall trying to clear my cache and it still not working in normal mode.

Yes, try to clear cookies & cache again and check if that makes a difference.

Alright nice, it started working again. Thanks!