W2g lets encrypt cert expired

https://w2g.tv/ lets encrypt cert expired 5 days ago (april 6th)

Hey thanks for your feedback. I can’t really reproduce this issue. Did you see it directly on the top level domain w2g.tv ?

i went to load the site as i have for years but it stated that it has expired so i checked it and this is what it shows.

i did a ctrl + f5 and it force pulled a updated cert from the site. very odd that it did this… i have been using w2g for like 4 years or so and never had this happen before.

The edge certificates are managed by our CDN provider so it could be that they had an issue. When you initially opened https://w2g.tv Chrome didn’t load the site but showed a warning message instead, correct? Or did you find out about the cert issue just by inspecting the certificate viewer?