W2G Keeps Refreshing

W2G keeps refreshing whenever I go to another tab or window. For example, I opened another tab, leave W2G for a while, and when I come back, it will refresh the page by itself. It happens with any video. I use Edge on Windows 10.


Most likely this is caused by a browser extension that you have installed. Can you try to open Watch2Gether in an incognito window with all extensions disabled and check if that makes a difference?

Yeah I got it fixed. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Cool! Did you figure out which extension caused the issue?

Yes … I’d really like to know how to sort this out too. It’s not a major problem but it is a little irritating at times.

Please check your browser extensions. Most of these issues are caused by misbehaving extensions. It could help to run Watch2Gether in an Ingocnito window with all extensions disabled for a quick check.

Hi. Sorry for the late reply. I tested a few extension but I cannot confirm whether it’s IDM or pop-tab blocker.