Volume Returning to Full between Videos

I have noticed a few different people are having the same issue as me and a friend.

The Volume Slider will still be at the designated position, but the actual volume when switching videos is reverted to Full Volume.

The slider does not move even though the volume is increased, and when moved manually adjusts the volume accordingly.

Is there any fix for this? It is random when it happens. Sometimes 8-10 Videos in a row. Other times not at all.

Thanks for your feedback! I’ve heard this before but could not reproduce it on my side. I will run some more in-depth test and see if i can find the cause of this issue.

Hi there… i have applied a patch that should fix this issue. Give it a try.

Thanks for trying to help, I’ll have to give it a try and report back so that you know if the fix worked or not. Hopefully it can help others also.

You are welcome! And thanks for your feedback…