Volume Goes to Full When Manually Loading a Video/Soundclip

Whenever I play a video, whether on YouTube or Soundcloud, the volume goes to full, normally ending badly for whoever is listening. Whenever the song switches to another in the playlist automatically though, the volume doesn’t go to max. I should also note that even if it switches automatically, the volume still maxes (only for a second though, then it reverts back to the previous volume). Is there some way you can fix this? As I stated before, it makes using this site rather painful, literally. Thank you in advance!

Thanks for your bug report. Do i understand you correctly, that there is a difference whether the video was played from the playlist or directly from the search results?

Well, if I select a song by clicking it (either in a search or in a playlist) the volume goes to max. If it switches to the next song in a playlist though (on its own, without me clicking it), it RARELY maxes the volume. I noticed that it happens more with soundcloud than youtube. I hope this clarifies.

Ok, thanks! I just rolled out an update of the Soundcloud player which should help with this issue (at least for the Soundcloud related part). It’s technically a bit tricky to maintain the same volume for all platforms but i will make some further attempts to improve that!