Vimeo video not showing in search results


I am a new user of Watch2Gether, and have uploaded a sample video to Vimeo, to see if I could watch it with someone.

However, when I copy/paste the link to the page with the video, I get “No items found…”, even though I copied and pasted the exact address into the search box.

This is true if I use the Watch2Gether website, and when I use the “Go Watch2Gether” button on my browser tool bar.

However, if I adjust the privacy settings on the video in Vimeo to “Anyone – Allow anyone to see this video” then I can find it in Watch2Gether; but with any other privacy setting I can not find/view it.

Is there a way to view Vimeo videos, that have a privacy setting that is more restrictive than “Anyone – Allow anyone to see this video” ?

Please let me know how I can work around this limitation.

Thank you very much for your help with this!

Best Regards,


Hi Bob, it seems that Vimeo hides all videos with more restrictive settings than “Anyone” from the search and player API. Unfortunately there is not much i can do about it as this is enforced on the Vimeo backend systems. There will be a feature in Watch2Gether which allows you to watch content from private storage. This will be live in ~ 1 month. Im interested to learn what your use case would be for such a feature…

Hello Florian,

Thanks for your quick reply!
My use case for this feature is that the videos I wish to watch with others are either personal (which I don’t want to have visible to everyone) or proprietary which are not to be publicly posted.
As is, with Watch2Gether, I can not share/view these videos.
I am looking forward to your future changes that will allow this viewing, thanks!