Vimeo private videos generating 'Sorry! This video does not exist.' message

This error message (‘Sorry! This video does not exist.’) is being generating when trying to play videos that have been uploaded to Vimeo with a private link. The videos are enabled for embedding, and always worked prior to September 17th, but since that date I’ve had to make the videos public on vimeo to see them on W2G.
I have cleared the browser history; the cache; attempted to upload the same material unlisted through youtube (where it appears to work without error in W2G). There are no account level restrictions in Vimeo that I’ve been able to observe.
A sample video:

Hi Michael and thanks for your feedback! I just rolled out an update which should resolve this issue. If you are using playlists you might have to remove & re-add those private videos. Please let me know if they play for you now!

Hi Florian - thanks for this. I’ve attempted re-adding those videos and a couple of others to a few different playlists, and after clearing the browser cache (critical step), all appears to be good. :slight_smile: Thank you for the support.
Out of curiosity, and feel free to not answer it if there isn’t time, what sort of issue was it?

Hi Michael, it was basically about how to translate a Vimeo video URL into the correct embed code. It seems like a private video now requires an additional URL parameter for the embedded player. I guess Vimeo changed this some time in September.