Videos wont load after i change tab

Like the title say, i want to use but it seems that it dont allow me to play the next video/song once its over if I change the tab or minimize it…

Thanks for your feedback. This is (unfortunately) a quite new feature of Chrome and there is not much i can do about it. A workaround is to open Watch2Gether in a separate window instead of a tab. (File > New Window) You might not be able to minimize this window as well but you can move it somewhere off-screen or overlay with other windows. The autoplay feature keeps working in this case. Or you use a different browser such as Firefox which does not show this behaviour. I hope this helps!

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Yeah after a long search thats what i found too. Anyway thanks.

This was randomly fixed a few months ago with some update from Watch2Gether but now the bug is back with Chrome again.

Was something changed and then changed back again?

Do you see this issue with Youtube videos or with content from one of the other platforms?

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Florian, it’s sort of back again with this latest update to the platform. Videos don’t load until I go back to the Watch2Gether page. It’s sometimes inconsistent though… sometimes it does work. Most of the time it doesn’t though.

I’m on Chrome and macOS 10.12.4. Please look into this!

Thank you very much for reminding me. There was indeed a change to the player which affected this behaviour. I just rolled out a fix. Can you reload and check if it works for you now?

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Seems much better now. Thanks Florian.