Videos we add won't play when returning to the room

Ever since the last update (or around that time) anytime I add a video for us to watch it no longer stays in the player if we leave and come back. Before we could get videos lined up in the playlist, and continue where we left off, but now when we reenter the room it plays old videos from the history section instead of the video we were currently watching

Thanks for your feedback! Are you talking about the situation that all users leave the room and the video that is being loaded when the first users enters the room again?

I guess? We all leave, and when we enter again a different video is playing instead of the one we were watching. It used to never do this, and now we have to either go back to the playlist and find the video again, or go to YouTube and get the link again. Which makes having a playlist in general kind of a moot point, because it at least should save our spot.

I just had a look into this. There was indeed a bug! It should be fixed now. Have a look and let me know if it works for you!

It works! Thanks so much!

Awesome, thanks for your feedback!