Videos volume level tends to shift very loud and quiet

When im watching on watch together, the videos tend to be really loud then the next one would be extremely quiet. In other words the sound levels are not even, any way to fix that?

Thanks for your feedback. If the creators of the videos used different sound levels in their videos, then there is unfortunately not much we can do about it. Or do you experience this issue when switching between platforms (e.g. from a youtube video to a dailymotion video)?

My issue is the same video one day will play normally, then another day would be very quiet, and then another would be unbearably loud. Same video, same link, same creator. I have tried both Google Chrome and Firefox and both will do it. Also, when my roommates in the watch2gether (guests?) would adjust their volumes, it’d change mine too and vice versa. I turn mine up, it’d turn theirs down, or they’d turn theirs up and turn mine down.

Hi! The volume of the player is saved on a per room basis. That means when you lower the volume for one video, that volume will also be applied for the next video you play. Or do you mean that the video plays with a different volume although the volume slider is always at the same position?

THe volume changes from visit to visit…when leftin the same position. But also, for instance, yesterday I had to turn the volume way low because it was so loud…we didn’t finish the video we were watching, so we opened the same video today, but I turned the volume to full blast…and could hear almost nothing…as if the volume were turned to minimum. I checked my pc volume and heaphone volume and found everything at max.

Are you watching videos from Youtube or from some other source?

Youtube…Now, for clarity for others, i have found that when the volume is low on youtube, it’ll be lower on watch2gether…so mine has been solved.