Videos skipping

Since the new player was introduced, almost every time I play a video it randomly does 1-second skips through the first 10-15 seconds, then plays normally. My friend I’m watching videos with has the same issue, but less often (still almost every video, but just once each).

Also unrelated issue, neither of us have had videos watched show up in Youtube History for almost one year, is this intended behavior?


Thanks for your feedback. What you are seeing is the player system syncing the video position to the exact same position everyone else in the room is seeing. The new player is bit more strict on this and might require more fine tuning. It should improve in the next days.

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Thanks for the reply.

Shouldn’t it happen only to one person, and not both then?

It depends a bit… sometimes the network connection is a bit slow or a computer has bit less power. In this case it’s more difficult to bring the video up to sync because commands are processed slower or with a delay by the video player.

I would think to maybe add an option in the settings for the stricter sync? As for live videos sometimes playing it is impossible as it seems to loop the same 3 seconds or so.

Thanks for your feedback. For Youtube live videos there is a special “Live Mode”. To enable it, click on the player settings icon and then on the “live mode” icon"!

I just found out… I still get one skip even if I’m the only one in the room. Seems to be a different issue…?

Same problem, when a new video start… The sync create a slow delay for the first 10-15sec… #NotFun. I have the problem on different platform and different browsers

Thanks a lot for your feedback. This will improve in the course of this week. The new system needs some fine tuning. It’s basically a trade off between sync accuracy and smooth playback and we have not found the sweet spot yet.

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