Videos showing a black or frozen screen when the video window isnt at the front

So whenever I try watching something that isnt from youtube, if the pop up window where the video is playing isnt in the front the image in the video stops. So if I try and type the pop up video goes to the background, and the video in the main window where I linked the video stops showing any image, just a black or frozen screen. For the image to work again the pop up window must be in the front.

Thanks a lot for reporting this. Which browser / operating system are you using?

Chrome on Windows 10, same thing on the other person’s end

Can you try it with Chrome and let me know if you see the same issue there? It could be related to the site you are watching videos from as well.

Oh it happened while both of us were using Chrome, and we used different sites to see if it was that, the problem was consistent with all sites we tried

Are you using windows? I just tried to reproduce this but it worked fine for me.

Yes, I’m using Windows 10. I tried again and the same thing happened again; if the pop up window isnt in the front the video in the main window is still showing a frozen screen
The other person is also on Chrome, on windows 10

Thanks…and “in the background” means that another window has the focus? Does it work when the windows are side by side next to each other?

Yup, it works if the main window isnt maximized and if it’s made smaller enough that the pop up window is still visible on the side. Its been working like that at least

Still having the same issue, I’m afraid I’ll need to find an alternative to the site unfortunately.

Can you open a Youtube video and then in a separate window this site

Do you see the same issue when you share the Youtube video in this site?