Videos not synchronized

When I watch a video and I’m at 2mins (for example) and a friend joins, it’s at 0:00 for them. We don’t watch it at the same time. When a video is over for me, it’s still the old vid for them.
She uses her phone and I’m on pc.
Does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks in advance!

– it seems to be fixed now. apparently her phone is just a bit laggy

Thanks for you bug report. After a user joins it might take a little while until the current video is synced up. All videos played after that should be in-sync right from the beginning.

There’s a feature on another site that might work well here:

“Pause when (any user is) buffering”

Thanks for your input. Wouldn’t that limit the playback experience for everyone if only one user had a bad internet connection?

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Potentially, yes, but it could be a UI checkmark available to admins, maybe even per-user