Videos Not Playing - Breaking Change

Hello, about 18 hours ago my w2g room stopped being able to play videos in the w2g default playlist. The video doesn’t play in the viewer and in the chat it continuously shows the youtube video that is unable to play.

If I switch to a playlist other than w2g default, everything works fine.

I also noticed my background image was changed (not by a user), so maybe that is related.

Further playing around, seems that some youtube videos work fine (clickable in the playlist, autoplay, etc.) while others are not

Example of chat for a video that breaks

HI! Does the video play when you paste a direct link into the URL bar?

Yes it does play when i paste a url into the search bar

So this happens only when you click on the video in a playlist?

It also happens during autoplay. For example, I click video A in the playlist, video works, then it tries to autoplay video B and it breaks

Okay… when you click directly on video B does it play then? Can you send me a link to the room as a PM or by email to

Please let me know which video in which playlist breaks.