Videos I watch in W2G are not popping up in my Youtube history

I noticed that W2G has stopped recording my watched videos in Youtube’s watch history. I have tried changing my W2G account and my browser, but it still does not record my watched videos. Anyone know the solution?

I just wanted to make shure:

You want to make the Youtube Videos that you watched, shown up von your history in or so…

If it is so i am sorry to tell you that wasn´t a feature of watch2gether it is a YT thing!

Thanks for your input. It could be that your browser or one of your extensions is blocking 3rd party cookies … or that Youtube changed something on their end.


Oh yeah that could id be too! I forgot XD

My friend doesn’t seem to have the same problem as me, so I’m guessing it is a cookie problem. But from clearing them and watching a video through W2G, it didn’t pop up in my youtube history.

Another thing, I learned that my W2G history isn’t working. It doesn’t keep track of previous sessions.

The history is stored locally in your browser. Could it be that you regularly delete site settings and cookies in your browser?

I very rarely do so. I only do it to see if it may be causing a problem (Like I did in this case).

Do you allow cookies from watch2gether?

Yes I do. I even have it set specifically to keep the W2G cookies

Are you getting any cookies?

I checked and it looks like I am

Are you allowing youtube cookies?

I also have this issue. I’m accepting all cookies and i’ve disabled all addons in chrome. Anyone get this working?

Are you signed into your YT account while using Watch2Gether?