Videos have no sound!

I have tried using different YouTube videos, and even though they have sound there, when I try to watch on Watch2Gether, I have no sound. I have checked the volume, and that’s not it. Any ideas why this is happening?

Thanks for your feedback. Which browser / version are you using? Are you on mobile or desktop?

I was using Chrome on my laptop. I don’t know what changed, but the sound did start working. However, I wasn’t able to use it with my guests because the videos crashed. I have an 80-person class I need to show videos to, and I think it was just too many people.

Do you have any kind of adblocker installed in your browser? Right now there is a compatibility issue with some ad-blockers and embedded Youtube videos. Can you try to disable your browser extensions one by one and check if that makes a difference. 80 persons should be fine in general.

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I do have AdBlocker and Ghostery - I will try disabling them. But the videos work fine when I’m alone in the room! It was just when all the invited students arrived that it crashed.

I understand… what do you exactly mean with “crash”? Was there some kind of error message?