Videos do not play in new room

I’ve been using an old Watch2Gether room (5+ years) for ages now with no problem. Recently had to make a new one - and it doesn’t work at all. The first video in a playlist will play, but after that, it will look as if it’s changing videos, but in fact just stop working and never play anything again. Looping videos also doesn’t work anymore. This persists even when the window is centered and no other tabs are running.

Using Firefox, no extensions.

Are there any alternatives to W2G that actually work I can use in the meantime?

Seems like w2g is experiencing an outage. I’m not sure how long it has been going on, but it has now progressed to the point where no room loads for me.

The outage should have been resolved.

@user_a474ee1c4b6536d which version of Firefox are you using? If unsure please check

Do you guys still have issues using Watch2Gether?