Videos and playlist stop working after a while in firefox

i just recently switched over from chrome to firefox which is why i noticed this happening.

i’ll make a room with someone and we can watch a video or two, but then when the video is over the next video in the playlist wont play. i’ll try to queue a new video, or click a different video in the playlist, and it does not work on my end, but it still shows up for the other person in the room. for example, sometimes i will click pause and the video will still keep playing on my end, but it will pause for the other person.

i’ve tried deleting all my plugins, disabling adblock, disabling enhanced tracking protection, and watching in an incognito tab in firefox and nothing has worked. it still works perfectly fine on chrome. does anyone else have this problem?

Thanks for your feedback. Do the other users in the room see you as “offline” when this happens? If you have the chance: When this happens again, make a right click on the page and select “Inspect” & mail me a screenshot of the console output to - Thanks!

I sent an email, thank you!

I’m having the same issue on Microsoft Edge, first time seeing this happen. My friend who also uses the edge don’t have this problem and i don’t seem to be offline. For quick fix i have to reload my page for every video

Do you guys still have these issues?

Apparently is “back to normal”. I got disconnected but connected once again, The users panel where you see whos connected was in a loading state. After the loading i was back in the room.