Video Unavailable

hello, is there any reason why this video would throw a “video unavailable” error? thanks!

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This seems to be a Youtube internal error. It also appears if you play the video directly and is therefore not related to Watch2Gether. I assume the video was simply deleted by the owner.

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Hiya, thanks for the reply. Really did you get the video unavailable error when directly playing on YouTube? That’s strange coz I can play it with no problem when playing in YouTube - I just tested, only get the error in Watch2gether. Would you be able to retry ? Makes me wonder if it’s regional issue etc.

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Yes, i can’t play the video directly on YT as well. Could be a regional issue…

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I was having an issue with ‘video unavailable’ as well and tried all sorts of solutions:
logged out and back in.
cleared cache and logged back in.
restarted pc.
paused my virus protection.
allowed browser tracking in my virus protection browser add on.
disabled firefox tracking protection.

None of it worked. Then on a lark I tried allowing the ‘Facebook Container’ add on to allow W2G to be tracked by whatever elements it was blocking. Videos loaded instantly. I rebooted and tried just the container, and again all my videos worked as soon as I enabled tracking.

It might help others having the Video Unavailable issue to check to see if they have any container add-ons such as Facebook Container ( or Firefox Multi Container ( installed and try allowing/disabling their features.

Just thought that i’d share.

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This could potentially make Watch2gether usable for me as a karaoke host, since I quit when I discovered that all the best karaoke brands are blocked on Watch2gether but will play directly on YouTube. However, I don’t want to give any more of my data to Facebook than they already have. Can it be built into Watch2gether somehow so that instead of users making themselves more vulnerable in general, the unblocking of containers could happen within the Watch2gether app so it applies only when the app is being used?

Thanks for your feedback @user_d0c1a840b9608e1 (Vagabond820) I just tried both of the extensions you mentioned and the videos played fine for me on Watch2Gether. When playing Youtube videos the Facebook Container extension should have no effect anyway since no data is being transferred to Facebook in this case. Could it be that there was some other extension that you removed as well?

Any other fixes for this issue? i’ve tried to use a vpn and everything on this page so far but it just says video unavailable for me. the person i’m watching with can watch it just fine, its just me

Did you try to disable your browser extensions one by one to see if that makes a difference?

My gf got the same problem, it says the video is unavailable for her while it works fine for me