Video time selection

Me and my friend watch a lot of long videos (3+ hours, this one is 8), and it can be hard to precisely choose a time to resume a video if, for example, we have to stop watching halfway through and come back to it another day (due to the limited precision of the time bar).
Perhaps it would be possible to implement some kind of feature where we can type in a specific time and skip the current video exactly to that time? That way we wont have to rewatch 5+ minutes of a video.

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Thanks a lot for your input! I understand your problem although its very specific to the long videos that you are watching. There won’t be a quick solution for this but i’ll put your idea on the to-do list for the new player i’m currently working on!

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Thanks a lot, it’ll definitely help out with our long vids. I’m sure we’re not the only ones watching 3+ hour videos… right? :sweat_smile:


How about a 15 or 30 second rewind button? Maybe that would be simpler than manually inputting a time? Often it’s just something that just happened that I missed that I want to watch again.

Well I wanted it more because it’s hard to watch a 5+ hour video in one sitting, and trying to find the correct time again can be a hassle with the time bar when a small mouse movement is something like 5, sometimes even 10 minutes of video time.

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Ah, yes. That too. Definitely different purposes but both features would be great to have for long videos.

Thanks both of you for your input. Will keep it in mind for the next versions of the player…