Video stops and appears to reload

Oftentimes during video play, the video abruptly stops and appears to reload and this reloading continues until the next video in the cue is up to play; this is happening with many videos in my playlist.

Hey and thanks for the bug report. Are those videos from Youtube? By reloading you mean that the video skips back to the beginning and starts all over again?

Thanks for responding Florian. What I meant by reloading is that the video stops moving forward I cannot hear it, but the circling circle that appears in the center of the video continually keeps circling until the next video comes up to play. What I have recently found out is when this happens my listeners can still hear & see the video with no problem.

Thanks a lot for the details. Are those videos from YouTube? Could it be that there are problems with your internet connection?

I have exactly the same poblem. While listening to a youtube Playlist some of the songs stops after 5 Seconds and show the loading circle. While the circle is showing everyone else can listen and see the video. But I have the problem only in firefox. With microsoft edge its working fine.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Are you sure that this is only happening with videos that are auto-played from a playlist and never when a video is directly picked by a user? Are the affected videos from Youtube?

The affected videos are on youtube and this appears when i choose a video or its started by autoplay. And it were always the same videos. But when i start them directly on youtube they are fine.

Do you have a link to one of the videos that caused problems? for example this one.

Thanks… so when you play this song on Watch2Gether in Firefox it it always stops after 5 seconds? Or just sometimes?

it happens everytime when i start the video.

Thanks once more. I just want to let you know that i was able reproduce your issue but i haven’t found a fix yet. I’m working on it!

Thanks for the hard work!

Alright, i think i found the cause and just rolled out a fix. Please have a look and check if all videos are now playing in your Firefox.

Everythings working fine now. Thanks a lot.