Video starts lagging

So I use W2G a lot and lately I´ve noticed that whenever I watch a video with someone it keeps lagging. It tries to sync with the other person but somehow fails at it and major laggs happen. Eventually it works but then it just laggs again after a while. I tried using a different browser like Microsoft Edge and all of a sudden it worked smoothly. Normally I use Chrome so I was a bit confused why I had problems with Chrome but not Microsoft Edge. I checked the Task Manager on my PC and saw that whenever a video played in Chrome the CPU went crazy high, like up to 100%. With Microsoft Edge it was like 20%. Is there a reason why the difference is so extremely high? Because I never had a problem with Chrome before and now all of a sudden it stopped working smoothly and started lagging. I did try a number of things to reduce it but nothing worked. Normal videos on YT work perfectly, but when I use W2G it doesn´t.

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Thanks for your feedback! We rolled out an update today. Does that make your experience better?