Video skips at start

This has been the one little problem I’ve consistently encountered. Whenever a new video starts playing a few seconds in it will skip about 4 seconds then a few seconds later it will do it again, as if the system is “settling in” to the video. It does this on every single new clip. If I rewind the clip and start over it still does it. It’s not a big deal but I was wondering if anyone ever figured this out?

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Thanks for your input. I certain amount of skipping is normal since the system needs to sync-up the video to make sure you are watching the same position of the video as everyone else in the room. But 4 seconds is quite a lot. Is there a difference when you create a new room just for yourself (for testing)?

It seems to be the same.

This is weird.
My W2G videos play well without skipping but I have a similar problem with my Surface laptop. I just bought a new Microsoft Surface 7 less than month ago. Whenever I record a video it does the same thing. Pauses twice in the beginning like you mentioned but plays back what was skipped. I do not lose any recording but a break 2 times in the beginning. There is no further breaks (even when I record in Zoom for long time). My old models Surface 3 and Surface 4 do not do that. I have not called Microsoft yet to address the issue as it is not a big deal for me now.

Relating to your issue, if you are playing your W2G thing on your laptop, could it be something like that? Just my thoughts.
If it does not apply to your situation, please ignore my comments.