Video Skipping Back and Forth

I use this site almost religiously with my friends, but in the most recent months I’ve noticed an ever growing issue. The player skips back and forth in the timeline. Randomly it will jump back ten seconds or so and then jump ahead about fifteen after a moment. (Even while PAUSED.)

It’s constantly with one individual in particular, so we tried many troubleshooting issues. We can’t find the source. We need some help. :c

Hi and thanks for your Bug report. Do i understand you correctly that you always see a second skip after a moment?

It skips back for a moment, and then skips forward. I wish I could explain it better, it’s as it the video is still progressing forward for me, but we both see it skip back and then forward and the player says my friend is the one doing it even though they aren’t touching anything.

Alright thank you. But in any case everyone in the room experiences the same skips at the same time, right? Just for Testing: Could the owner of the room try to enable moderation for the player. Does that make a difference?

That actually makes a big difference, thank you so much! (Also I apologize for the late reply.)

Thanks for your feedback. I just rolled out an update which should help in this case as well. Maybe you can switch of moderation again and give it a try & let me know if there is any difference.