Video skipping and loading

My girlfriend and I have been using watch2gether for a while, but only recently has a problem occurred. We are only in a room together, but she complains that the video skips and loads constantly for her now. I let her audio play through her speaker when we were in a call together and I can hear that the video plays for a few seconds and then the video would go quiet since it began to load, then it would skip to the current time and play for a few seconds before repeating the process. I tried looking into the other posts about stuff like this but can’t find a solution for her.

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Hi, just a guess, I am not sure, but maybe I had a similar problems when a colleague add soundcloud video. I removed the problem when I signed to the soundcloud.

She’s always been signed into youtube when we watch videos so it might not be that, but thanks

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Could it be that she has an unstable internet connection? Do the same videos play fine on Youtube itself?

The videos are fine for her on regular youtube, it only happens on watch2gether

She is still having the problem and she has tried clearing her cache, turning off adblocker, refreshing, and closing the tab and joining back in but it doesn’t seem to work. I told her to use safari instead of chrome and everything seems to be fine on the other browser, but it just sucks because chrome is her primary browser.

Thanks for that feedback. Does she have any other extensions installed in her Chrome browser? It might help to disable them one by one and check if it makes a difference.

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