Video restart after changing tab

when a video has ended and somebody tabs back in the w2g tab, everybody in my room has the problem that the video restarts from the beginning.

Thanks for your feedback. Do i understand correctly that this only affects videos that ended, right?

yes, that’s right, it happens after the video ended. This bug is there since some weeks.

Thanks… So somehow a replay is triggered. I tried to reproduce this but whenever i tab back into a W2G tab the ended video is not restarting. Could this be triggered by any user in your room?

I think it could be a Problem with Chrome, I testet it and i only have the Problem in chrome. but I’m not the only person where it happens, a friend of mine who is also using chrome has the same Problem.

Yes… i think this is related to a quite new Chrome “feature” that auto starts videos only when a tab comes into focus. Could it be that the video in the W2G tab has actually never played?

It played, i can recreate it when im play a video tab out of the tab bevor it has endet and switch then back.

And then it playes for everybody in the room, like i skiped to the beginning.

I see, it ends after you changed the tab. That might make a difference. I’ll look into this again tomorrow!

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I’m still not able to reproduce this… I guess you are on Windows with the latest Chrome version (73)? Can you reproduce this when you create a new room where you are the only user?

I am using Windows 10 with chrome 74.0.3729.61 and there i have it 100% of the time.
And I am Getting it with a new room too.

To test I created a VW with windows10 and chrome 73.0.3683.86. And there I don’t have the Problem. I don’t even have the Problem when I turn on Sync in chrome so all my settings and plugins are also present. Later in This day, I will search what I and my friend have in common in our Browsers.

Thanks a lot for your in-depth tests! Could it be related to Chrome 74 (vs. 73 in your VM)?

Just checking back on this - were you able to gain any further insights?

I tried some more things and it only happens in my chrome even after i reset chrome(no different with no plugins or all i have installed.), so i hope after i reset my computer it is resolved. I think its a Programm wich i have install, but im not quite sure. And after i Talked to my friend I’m sure that its only my computer and not hers, she didn’t have it a single time since then but i had it a few times.

Thanks for you reply! I actually heard from some other user who reported the same issue but i’m still not able to reproduce it. So i guess there is something but it really depends some external factors. Let me know if you find out anything else.

I don’t know if it could help you, but the chrome debug output while i change tab back and he starts the video:

  1. try:

  2. try:

The lines who are the same are: --> this line is the Chromecast in my network

After i shutdown the chome cast the error is gone.

–> I think it could be the chrome cast function which pings (?, I don’t know what exactly happens) the Chromecast and restarts the video with this. I don’t know how exactly, i am not a Programmer. but i think this should be it. You could ask the other person if they have also a Chromecast.

After i shutdown the Chrome cast the problem was gone.

Thanks a lot! I’ll try to reproduce this next week with a Chromecast setup.

No problem, I’m curious if this is realy the problem.

I wish you a nice Easter weekend!

Thank you! Same for you as well.


I just wanted to ask if you found any think out.

The last month or so I had the Chromecast just offline but now another Person in my house is using one and the problem started again.

I understand fully when you say it’s a small problem without priority, I’m just curios.

Hi, so far I haven’t had the chance to look into it. I’m planning a bigger revamp of the Chromecast integration and wanted to look into this issue as well while doing that. I will update this thread when i found something. Sorry for the delay!