Video Quality with Brave Browser

I am using the Browser Brave and my Video Quality is low all the time, even after changing it doesn’t change it to decent at some point, it just stays low.
even after deleting the cookies and cache it’s still the same.
The Video Quality is way better on Firefox, but due to me using Brave for everything and the change will be a hassle i don’t wanna change it now.
Is there anything that i can do? any fixes on Brave specifically?

also when i go for the stats for Nerds on the Video Player, my Optimal resolution is basically capped to 854x480 and it does not change from it.
thanks in advance.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Unfortunately it’s only possible to “suggest” a quality for Youtube’s embedded player. Ultimately the player will decide which quality to play based on various factors such as the video size. Is the quality in brave really bad? Can you take a screenshot?

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apparently i can’t embed pictures to the Post rn. but well all i can tell is that my Resolution doesn’t change from 854x480@30.

and for videos with games for example, if there’s text in it, it’s not readable if it’s normal font size.

Thanks a lot! Usually the resolution of the video should not be higher than the actual size of the player displayed on the site. You could try to switch to full screen and then wait a moment until the video resolution changes. It should remain at that resolution even when you switch back to normal view.
I will run some tests with Brave myself and check the video quality.

okay weird.
the only thing that changes when i change from normal to full screen is the viewport obv. but the resolution is capped at 854x480…

I had a video on from 2014. that video worked in full resolution like it should be. 1920x1080
and the next video from this year is again capped at 854x480.