Video Quality doesn't change

When I click a new quality on a video, it doesn’t change at all. It just stays at low quality even after better quality is selected.

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Yes, i’m aware of this problem. The Youtube player is not directly reacting to a resolution change. It seems to depend on the size of the player on the site any maybe some other parameters. I have an eye on this and continue to find a fix for it.

Is there a way to fix this for myself somehow? It’s not enjoyable watching videos if I can’t see what’s happening.

You could run a little test for me. If you switch to a higher resolution and then enable full screen for a moment, does the video quality change?

I actually watch most of my videos in fullscreen anyway but I tried and it didn’t change.

Do you have the chance to try a different browser to see if that changes anything?

Yeah. I tried Microsoft Edge and it worked fine. I normally use Google Chrome.

OK that’s interesting… It seems like you can suggest a quality to the Youtube Player but at the end it picks a quality based on various parameters. I’ll check this out with Edge…

So for Chrome, it’s somehow different? Should I just watch on Edge instead since it doesn’t work on Chrome?

If the video quality is unacceptable for you on Chrome, than this could be a workaround. I have to add though, that most users of site use chrome and for most of them video quality is not an issue. In the meantime I will try to figure out if and how the quality selector can be improved.

Thank you for responding :slight_smile: I guess I’ll use Edge until Chrome works. On a side note, my friends also use Chrome and it works fine for them

you should try using IE tab to to run IE engine within chrome…
If you like Chrome as much as I do lol.

necro but what fixed this for me was closing watch2gether, going to a video in actual youtube, changing the quality to 1080p, and going back to watch2gether c:

Thanks a lot for this input. Does this also change the quality for other videos played later on?

I am having this same problem rn.

Das Problem breitet sich mittlerweile über die Browser aus hat angefangen mit Chrome mittlerweile geht es in den Browsern Mozilla Internet Explorer und Chrome nicht ich weiß echt nicht mehr was ich noch tun soll

Thanks for our feedback! Unfortunately we can only suggest a quality and ultimately Youtube’s player decides which quality to play. Is the default playback quality not good enough for you?

For me it was enough to delete the cookies on the website.
After that I could choose the video quality I wanted.

Thanks for that feedback!

I have the same issue as well on chrome, clearing cookies did not make a difference for me.