Video player forces the incorrect resolution?

In stats for nerds, for some reason after 3 or so seconds of watching a video, it’ll change my video resolution from the correct “Current / Optimal Res: 1280x720@30”, to “Current / Optimal Res: 426x240@30” and making the video incredibly pixelated.

This issue randomly popped up, and none of my friends are having any issues with it. I use chrome, and swapping to edge seemingly worked, but I’d like to find a solution that isn’t using a new browser. Also, my normal screen resolution is 1920x1080.

Additionally I’ve cleared W2G cookies, tried changing video quality on W2G and youtube, and full screening. Struggling to think of any other possible solutions.

Thanks a lot for your bug report. It seems like Youtube’s player automatically selects a resolution it “thinks” is best for the current size of a video. Watch2Gether can try to suggest a resolution via the player API but there seems to be no way of actually forcing the player to adapt it. 426x240 is really small and i wonder why the player chooses the resolution. Does is switch back to a higher resolution if you let the player run in fullscreen for a moment?

I let the video run for a few minutes in full screen and it never changed to the correct resolution.