Video Playback When Entering Room

About a month ago when I’d enter the room I created for my gf and I to watch videos in together, any video we had previously watched would play for about 2 seconds, then just stop (which was fine, but not playing at all would be better). However, now when we go back to our saved room, the video starts playing and doesn’t stop anymore. Is there a setting to revert this back to how it was, or what?

Thanks a lot for your feedback. The auto pause of the video caused some issues with live streams from Youtube and Twitch and was therefore disabled for the moment. I’m working on a fix to restore the previous behavior. Is the current behavior just annoying for you or are there any other side effects?

It’s just bothersome really, because I like to grab the videos and put them in the playlist, but when I tab out, instead of the video pausing itself, I have to wait/go back to pause it.

I understand that is bothersome. Did you try our browser extension yet? You can use it to add items to your playlists without visiting a room. Install Extension