Video pauses on it's own sometimes

I think it’s happened before, but it just happend when I was in my own room with someone and we had a video playing. He asked if I paused it, I did not, had another tab open at the time. I THINK I can recall a time or two where its done that before? And I think it said someone paused it but the one it said did, actually didn’t. Not to sure WHY that’s happening but it is. Any ideas why?

Thanks for your feedback! Did you have Moderation enabled for the player in the room at that time? The video also pauses when someone hits the space bar if Watch2Gether is the active tab & the cursor is not positioned in any text field. Maybe that could have caused the pause….

Yes, though I’m unsure if the other person hit the space bar or not? I know I didn’t and as it happened awhile ago and has yet to happen again, I doubt he would remember if he did or not.