Video not playing if I am tabbed out/ sound not working/500+ emojis posted at once will crash the room/skipping through long videos will crash the video/

Hi there. I am an avid watch2gether user. I have used this site every single day for the last six months. I have encountered a few bugs with the site.

When I am tabbed out and my wife plays a video, it will not start until I have returned to the watch2gether tab. This is a problem for us because we like to listen to music together in the room.

My wife and I enjoy twitch streams and we would love to watch them together but for some reason the sound does not play in the room. I’m not sure if this is a bug or perhaps it is just not a feature yet. Though I feel as I should state the issue.

One strange bug we have encountered is posting a lot of emojis in the chat. I would say 500-1000 emojis posted at once will completely crash the room. I know this really isn’t an issue, but I thought it was interesting and wanted to state it.

Sometimes we get lucky and find a film on a website that watch2gether supports, but if we happen to skip through the film; the video playing on watch2gether will crash. I’m not sure if it’s the site we are using or watch2gether. Either way I would love to see that fixed.

In conclusion, I think the biggest issue is tabbing out and not having the video start. I also believe that this is a recent bug because I don’t remember watch2gething ever doing it before. As I said before, we have been using this site for over 6 months.

Anyways, thanks for reading. I hope I was of some help by reporting these bugs. I always love to help out the community.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. That is very valuable for the ongoing development. The “tabbed out” problem is actually caused by a new chrome feature. I wrote something about it here:

I will also look into the other bugs you mentioned. Do you remember from which platform the long video came that crashed? Maybe you can even share a link to it?