Video not found since last update

I watch a lot of anime with the W2gSync and everything was fine. Every video was found by the extension and life was easy. But since the last update videos from (Edit: Removed external URL) can no longer be detected by the W2gSync. I thought this update should allow detecting more video players. I hope you can get rid of this soon. It would be a blessing.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll have a look later today!

Did you try to start the video? Sometimes the video can only be found when it has been played for a little bit.

In the older version of the W2gSync I had to start the player and in 1-3 seconds it was found, indeed. But yesterday I watched like 4 full epsiodes with a friend and the video was never found. Neither in his browser nor in mine. We’re both using Google Chrome if this helps. One other friend reported this issue as well.
This video is using the JW Player 7.12.11. I hope this helps.

Edit: Here an example video: Edit: Removed external URL

I rolled out an update today that might help in your case. Make sure you run version 2.7 of the browser extension and check it out.

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Yes it works again! Thank you Florian! Great job.