'' Video not available''

I have a problem with youtube, My friends can watch the video, but for me it says ‘’ Video not available’’ Idk, I just Live in Chile but most of my friends can watch it.

the video works on youtube but not in here. is it weird?

Hi! It this just a single video or all videos from Youtube? Does it say anything else then “Video not available” in the player?

Mostly all the videos-
I tried again, and when i play another video, it loops to the first video that i put
For example:

I tried to play a grover washington jr song, on an old room that was playing a Cuco song-
when i tried to play that grover’s song- it actually played the Cuco song-!

I got confused for a moment-

but anyways, let’s get to the problem.

It actually happens with most of the videos on youtube that I played, I mean, some videos play normally for me, but for example

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7J-f8XPsHxE this video when i put it, it says ‘’ Video not available, is not compatible to watch here’’ or something, i don’t really remember-
for me, it doesn’t really play. but for my friends it plays normally!-

i actually got the message in spanish!-

‘’ Video no disponible

Este video tiene contenido de LatinAutor - UMPG, que bloqueó su reproducción en este sitio web o en esta aplicación.
[Mirar en YouTube] ‘’

This means that YouTube has blocked embedding for this video into any other website. Unfortunately there is not much I can do about it from my side…

i mean for my friend, he can see the video-
but i can’t- like h o w-
how is it blocked? if my friend can see it-

that’s what i don’t get it, and also- thanks for trying to help! <3

Are you using some kind of VPN software?

Not really, to be honest.