Video is lagging at start

Sometimes when video starts to play, it can lags for a moment and for a 1-2 second 2-3 times and then keep playing normaly. It looks like video on server keep playing, but I hear 1-2 seconds parts of it in the beggining.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Are the videos where you experience this issue from Youtube?

Yes, also, sometimes, first 1-2 seconds of video can repeat for a moment a then keep playing

A certain degree of skipping is normal since the system needs to sync the player between all users in the room. But it shouldnt’t last longer than 1-2 secconds at the beginning of a video. Does that help?


Alright, sorry for late response. Problem is it can be a little frustrating when, for example, I use an epic music for realy dramatic moment on DnD session or whatever and it starts lagging at start( Well if this normal I can get it.

Yes it’s always a tradeoff between perfect sync and smooth playback. When I work on the player the next time I’ll have a look if the balance between the two can be further optimized.