Video Found but not synced

On a certain website the Watch2Gether extension doesn’t find the video (but it hasn’t always been like that).
So I decided to try to get the video-url by right-clicking on it and selecting copy video url.
The problem is that when i open it on Watch2Gether, the extensions finds the video, but my friends and i are not synced together; pausing or playing the video doesn’t seem to do anything to the other person.
It would be nice to be able to watch the videos without manually syncing with my friends :sweat_smile:

Can you send me the link to that website as private message or by email to I’ll have a look then.

we also have that problem as well, Its terrible

Thanks for your input. I have identified the issue and will roll out a fix tomorrow.

I just rolled out an update. Make sure you are running version 4.5 of the extension (check on your browsers extension page, should update automatically) and give it a try.

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