Video doesn't sync

Though he video is recognised by W2G me and my friends have noticed the video is not in any way synced. we open the link and it is exactly the same as opening the source page, the video’s do not sync, we have to individually press play and the video’s sync/desync just like any other website. this is frankly a disgrace, I can’t understand how nobody else has noticed this, the app is a con. There is no cake

Hi and thanks for you feedback. Can you send me the link to the video as PM and i’ll have a look.

It’s every single video I’ve tried, I’ll send you one if you’d like? but I don’t see what that will solve, weather it’s BBC IPlayer, Putlocker, 123 Movies, 4OD none of them work.
Disclaimer: Using standard and up to date version of chrome.

btw can’t find a facility for PMing people on here?

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Watch2Gether supports the major free video platforms directly. Which means that you see the videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion & Co directly in the player on Watch2Gether. Simply search for a video through the search bar at the top of the page.

Other videos are supported through the W2gSync feature which requires you to install the Watch2Gether Browser extension. I just did a check on the system and I was able to sync play, pause and seek events without any problems. Did you try to play, pause or seek the videos you want to watch?

PS: To send a PM click on my name!