Video Cam Problem

Watch2gether has been a means for my boyfriend and I to watch videos together for quite a while now and we are seriously having some problems with Video Chat. Before it was alright, we can see each other properly, but now, all we see is black. My cam’s working fine, I can see myself, but on his side all he’s seeing is black. Same situation with him, his cam is perfectly fine, he can see himself but on my side it’s all black. It would really be great if we could get this thing to run. Thanksss

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I am having the same problem. Ever since they updated the webcams about a week ago the webcams for us have been either showing us black screens, or when we see one camera on and the other turns on their cam, the site doesn’t connect either camera.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I hope this will be solved with the update coming next week. Will update this thread when the new code is rolled out.

Alright, thank you :slight_smile:

They need to fix it because and can u pick the movies

I just rolled out an update for the webcam feature. Please have a look…

It works now​:grin::grin: thank youuu

Great, thanks for the Feedback!

Hi again,

We think there’s another problem with the Video Cam, our internet connection’s okay. we can load videos just fine, but the Video Cam always freezes, we first encountered this problem last night. Please help.

Hi & thanks for your bug report. Does it freeze right after the start of the webcam connection or randomly at some point? How many users are in your room and how many of them have the cam enabled?

Hello, yes it does. A couple of seconds after, it freezes. Just two people, we noticed that if only one cam’s on it doesn’t freeze.

Thanks for the details. I just ran some tests and it worked fine for me between two different clients. Which browsers are both of you using? Can both of your please visit and let me know if there are any errors reported? Thanks for you cooperation!

We are both using Chrome. Can you upload text files here?

We got Xs on the following, camera(Check resolution 1280x720), network(udp enabled) and reflexive connectivity.

Thanks for the info. Did the cam on Watch2Gether work for you before using the same internet connections (on both sides)? When was the last time that the cam feature worked for you?

Yes, it was working before. The last time it was working on both sides was last last week, around the 1st week of march.

Thanks for the info. I rolled out an update today which might have an effect on your issue. Please clear your browser cache and give it a try!

Hello, last night it was finally working, thank you :smiley:

Great thanks for the feedback!

There’s something wrong with the Vid Cam again, it doesn’t turn on, even if you press the tiny vid icon.