Video bugs back 1 second, then bugs forward again

Hey Guys!
I have a Problem recently
When i watch Videos, doesnt matter which browser and which Lobby i join, my videos bug back every 30seconds for 1 second. Then sometimes it bugs forward again for 1 second. In the end, i am never synched with my friends and when their video is finished, i am still somewhere in the video, because it bugs back so often, that i finish later. How can i fix this Problem?

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As one of the friends I can say the following to specify the issue:

  • I can not see the skips on my screen
  • I can not see the “interaction indicator” in the player on my screen
  • This also happens when she is alone in a room
  • This also happens after she created a new room
  • This happens in all tested browsers
  • This happens with and without the extension
  • Does not only happen with youtube

Thanks a lot for the bug report. What kind of device is that? Laptop / Phone?

Thanks for the response.
I am mainly using Watch2gether on my PC. I tried it on my Laptop with the same internet connection and didnt have this issue, it was working smoothly. So its only occuring on my PC.

I can watch Youtube without any Problem by itself and also use other Websites to watch with friends without synching problems

Thanks for the details! When this happens, can you make a right click on the site, select “Inspect” and send me a screenshot of the “console” that opens up to ?


I sent you the console Screenshots.
But i solved the Problem.
With anyone with the same Problem, fix your system time or the system time synchronisation.
My Router had a Firmware update that didnt install. That caused something to not synchronize the system time. After the Firmware update everything works fine now. W2G is smooth and my system time is exact on point ^^

Update: The problem occured again after my synchronisation was off again. So i am pretty sure it has to do with synchronisation of the Time. I just have to find the cause of the synchronization issue. I tried almost everything now except for formating the pc

The issue was an incorrectly running win32time task.
The computer was permanently out of sync with the actual time.

Some changes and repairing Windows with the media creation tool didn’t solve the Problem so…

Solution: Reinstalling Windows 10

Thanks a lot for the feedback! You are right, Watch2Gether relies to a certain extend on the accuracy of the system clock. Just a wrong time or timezone can be compensated but if the deviation is not stable it can lead to sync issues.