Ustream and Livestream integration

Have you thought about adding Ustream and LiveStream to the list of places we can search for videos? I think they both offen an API to search for content.

Thanks for this input. It seems to me that these companys mainly act as service provider for companies who want to integrate live streaming into their website. Do you think the content they list is worth an integration?

I really do. Many of them have nature and zoo live feeds that a lot of my friends love to watch. If there was a way I could search through ustream or livestream to find a certain live feed to watch with friends here that would be great. Many of them have music stations as well a lot of recorded videos. I know it sounds silly, but watching nature or animals in zoos is pretty popular right now.

Interesting, i did not know about the Zoo feeds :slight_smile: What would be better, Ustream or LiveStream?

Ustream!! It has way more animal live feeds and many have millions of followers. Plus, ustream is used more frequently than livestream and I think it’s worth it to do ustream than livestream. Livestream may get used a few times, but ustream will certainly get used a lot more by people as shows all around the world use it. Kinda like YouTube for live videos. Thanks so much for this service. It’s awesome and the only place that provides a place for my friends on all devices to chat.

Alright, thank you! I had a quick look at the Ustream API and could not see an option to search for content. But i’ll have an in-depth look tomorrow and will see whats possible…

Thanks so much! I know they have a search feature at ustream as I use it a lot. Have a great day.