User stuck joining/leaving room constantly <— Screenshot of error

A user of mine has cleared his cache, cookies, history, ect ect. however the room is constantly making the noise of someone joining although he does not leave/come back and is not being kicked. The video playback is not being effected. yet the room counts him as constantly joining and leaving anyway effectively making noise and spamming the chat with User has joined, User has left. Fixes?

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Thanks for getting in touch. Could it be that the user tries to join twice with the same browser? Maybe a forgotten tab / window somewhere in the background?

No its the only tab he has open and the only window he has open. We just double checked to be certain. He is still rejoining and leaving, despite on his side watching the video just fine

Which browser in which version is the user using?

He’s using Google Chrome.

Could it be that he is having network issues? Did Watch2Gether work for him before? This could be caused by a browser extension and / or security software installed on the system as well. I would try to disable installed extensions one by one and see if that helps.

Additionally it could be helpful to send me a screenshot of his browsers console output while on Watch2Gether. Right Click > Inspect > Console Tab He can send it by email to

He doesn’t have / use browser extensions. His network is fine as everything BUT watch2gether works and has even restarted the router/modem numerous times. Watch2gether worked just fine for him before but as of recent its been doing this. I will have him send it when he gets around again thanks.

Alright, yes it would be helpful to see the logs. He is the only one in your group having this issue?

Yes the only one in the channel who has ever experienced this issue since day 1 of me using the service.
I sent him a few PM’s and a log of the chat so he knows what to do.