User Shows As Joining Room In Chatbox Every 10-20 Seconds

I host weekly watch parties, and for the past 6-8 weeks, we’ve noticed a glitch/bug that did not happen before. During each watch party, one (and only one) random user (not the same user from week to week) will show in the chat box as joining the room rhythmically every 10-20 seconds for the entire session; it does this without showing the user as leaving the room, just joining, joining, joining, etc… Other users have noticed it as well, and asked me about it, since it scroll pushes any chat bubbles and selected video bubbles off/out of the chat box eventually. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this fairly new bug, but thought I would report it. Thanks for all you do, Florian and team!

Thanks at lot for your bug report. This is interesting, i have never heard about it before. Do you have the impression that this is a user that interacts with the room in a regular way as well (posting chat messages for example)? Do you see this issue as well when you are alone in the room without anyone else online?

It would be great if you could take a screenshot the next time this happens and email it to

Thanks a lot!