User drops out but continues to watch video

One of my invited users dropped out but continued to watch the video.

On my end (Host) he definitely drops out his name turns from green to clear (I can cross him off the members list).

On his end he is still watching the video and his name is still coloured green but he can’t see any chat progress. He says his WiFi drops out momentarily when this happens.

Why can he continue to see the screen content?

It could be that the video is buffered already and therefore survives the network issue. Usually one should be automatically reconnected to a room when this happens unless the network is lost for a longer period of time. Does this happen very often?

The User shows as still being connected. However he cannot type in comments in the Chat.
On my end as the Host the User shows as having left the room.
Last weekend the User did automatically reconnect but the Chat didn’t show him as rejoining.
I can send you chat images directly, if it helps.